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About us:

WSDC is committed to sustainable family farms. This commitment leads to the production of high quality milk for the making of premier artisanal and specialty sheep milk cheeses and dairy products.

WSDC is also the single largest source of high quality sheep milk for cheese plants in the United States.

The Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative, formed in 1997, is a group of 8 small family farms in northwestern Wisconsin. Our sheep milk is produced with meticulous attention to cleanliness, as well as respect to the environment and the well-being of our animals.

Member farms milk between 100 to 400 sheep. The incredibly rich, flavorful milk produced by our members is the start for what many consider to be the finest cheeses in the world.

The sheep milk is shipped fresh from the farms to the cheese plants where Wisconsin cheese makers make the cheese in small batches.

After pasteurization, culture and rennet are added to form curd and the cheese is either pressed into wheels or blocks. The cheese is then cured, with meticulous attention to detail.

We believe our cheese is superior in quality to the finest imported sheep milk cheeses.